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Notice Board/Circulars

125/09/2017BHMCT Semester1st 2017-2021till august
225/09/2017BHMCT Semester1st 2017-2021till august late admission
325/09/2017Attendance of BTTM 5th Semester Till 31 Aug 2017
425/09/2017BHMCT Attendance 5th sem Till 30 Aug 2017
525/09/2017Attendance of BTTM 3rd Sem Till 30 August 2017
625/09/2017Attendance of BTTM 1st Sem Till 30 August 2017
724/08/2017Attendance BTTM 1st Sem July
824/08/2017Attendance BHMCT 5th Sem till July
924/08/2017Attendance BHMCT 1st Sem till July -II
1024/08/2017Attendance BHMCT 1st Sem till July -I
1116/08/2017Attandance BTTM 3rd Sem July 2017
1216/08/2017Attendance BTTM 5th Sem July 2017
1318/04/2017Attendance B.Sc. (TM) 6th Sem till Mar
1417/04/2017Attendance BHMCT 4th Sem Till Mar 2017
1517/04/2017Attendance B.Sc. (Tourism) 6th Sem Till Mar 2017
1617/04/2017Attendance BTTM 4th Sem Till Mar 2017
1714/04/2017Attendance BTTM 2nd Sem Till MAR 2017
1814/04/2017Attendance BHMCT 2nd Sem till March
1916/03/2017Attendance B.Sc. (HHA) 6th Sem till Feb
2016/03/2017Attendance BHMCT 4th Sem till Feb
2116/03/2017Attendance BHMCT 2nd Sem till Feb
2216/03/2017Attendance BTTM 2nd Sem till Feb 2017
2315/03/2017Attendance BTTM 4th Sem Till Feb 2017
2415/03/2017Attendance B.Sc. (Tourism) 6th Sem Till Feb 2017
2517/02/2017Attendance BHMCT 4th Sem
2617/02/2017Attendance BHMCT 2nd Sem for the Month of Jan 2017
2717/02/2017Attendance BHMCT 6th Sem for the Month of Jan 2017
2814/02/2017Attendance B. Sc. (TM) 6th Semester for the month of Jan 2017
2914/02/2017Attendance BTTM 4th Semester for the Month of Jan 2017
3014/02/2017Attendance BTTM 2nd Semester for the Month of Jan 2017
3115/11/2016Attendance B.Sc. (HHA) 5th Sem till Oct
3215/11/2016Attendance BHMCT 1st Sem till Oct 2016
3315/11/2016Attendance BTTM 1st Sem (Oct 16 )
3415/11/2016Attendance B. Sc. TM 5th Sem (Oct 16)
3515/11/2016Attendance BTTM 3rd Sem (Oct 16)
3614/10/2016Attendance B.Sc. (HHA) 5th Sem till September
3714/10/2016Attendance BHMCT 1st Sem till Sept
3814/10/2016Attendance B.Sc. (Tourism) 5th Sem of Sept
3914/10/2016Attendance BTTM 3rd of Sept
4014/10/2016Attendance BTTM 1st Sem of Sept
4115/09/2016Attendance BHMCT 1st Semester (JULY & AUG 2016)
4215/09/2016Attendance HHA 5th Semester (JULY & AUG 2016)
4315/09/2016Attendance BTM 5th Semester (JULY & AUG 2016)
4415/09/2016Attendance BTTM 3rd Semester (JULY & AUG 2016)
4515/09/2016Attendance BTTM 1st Semester (JULY & AUG 2016)
4614/09/2016PU Attendance Rules

Enquiry No(s): 1800-180-2065, +91 172 2534818, 2534866 (from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm on working days including Saturday)

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